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Whenever there’s something wrong with you, or you feel ill: GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR.

A month ago, I had an eye infection. I have had these at least once a year, so I didn’t really think much about it. This one was, however, especially vicious. I had to walk with sunglasses on, even inside, because the light was excruciatingly painful. After a week or so, the pain subsided, but I remained sensitive to light. I also had a slight haze over my before perfect vision. This remained for about three weeks, so today I decided to go to a doctor, who immediately referred me to the hospital. Turns out I have scar-tissue on my cornea, due to the infection being a ‘deep eye infection’. This scar tissue is never going away. I probably have lost 10% sight in my right eye.

I feel fucking terrible. I’m so fucking stupid not to act earlier.

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