A New TV-Season is upon US


Yes, you read that right. Within a few weeks, almost every major show is going to be back with a new season after the summer break. When will they start? I’m going to make a list of every show I watch regularly, their starting date, and more!

Let’s begin:

Parks and Recreation – Season 5
~22 episodes, starting  Thursday, September 20th

The Office (US) – Season 9 (final season)
~24 episodes, starting Thursday, September 20th

How I Met Your Mother – Season 8
~24 episodes, starting  Monday, September 24th

South Park – Season 16
7 episodes, starting Wednesday, September 26th

Family Guy – Season 11
~23 episodes, starting Sunday, September 30th

American Dad – Season 9
~18 episodes, starting Sunday, September 30th

Cleveland Show – Season 4
~22 episodes, starting Sunday, October 7th

The Walking Dead – Season 3
9 episodes, starting Sunday, October 14th

Community – Season 4
~12 episodes, starting Friday, October 19th

Other series, like Californication, will start later (season 6 will start airing in January), and there are ofcourse other series starting this week, or some weeks later, but these are the ones I enjoy. The amount of episodes (when they contain a ‘~’) are a guess based on the last season, except for Community, which has to do with fewer episodes after nearly being cancelled last year. Do what you want with the list, torrents of the episodes will, as always, be available the day after the original airing date.


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