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A Collection of Wallpapers: Williams Martini Racing

The Williams is 2014’s hottest looking car. Not just the aerodynamic design, but also the livery is top-notch. The Martini Racing livery makes for some great nostalgia to the era of dangerous touring cars and Le Mans prototypes of the...


A Collection Of Videogame Wallpapers (ft. Gaben)

I was avoiding writing an essay, and got inspired by a picture I saw to make some videogame wallpapers (featuring our glorious overlord, GabeN). When I uploaded it to imgur, I saw I had quite a backlog of gaming-related wallpapers which I...

What I Want My Future Phone To Look Like 2

What I Want My Future Phone To Look Like

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my disappointment in the development of current high-end phones. This did get me started on thinking about what I’d want my future phone to look like. HTC, take note. For this...


Some Eau Rouge Wallpapers I Made

  Something you might not have known about me yet: I used to use Photoshop. A lot. It all started on a Dutch car-forum called ‘Autoweek’, where there was a special sub forum especially for car-related photoshops. Most of them...

TSIDDC: Ruins 0


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Philosophical Humor. (TSIDDC) 0

Philosophical Humor. (TSIDDC)

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TSIDDC: Geralt of Rivia 0

TSIDDC: Geralt of Rivia

Wait. Another TSIDDC?! Yes. I don’t know if it is because I’m that bored, or that I simply have great inspiration at the moment. Ah well. Here’s Geralt of Rivia from the game ‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Witcher 2: Assassin of...

TSIDDC: Dovahkiin 0

TSIDDC: Dovahkiin

So today I finally bought Skyrim, as it has a -50% discount on Steam right now. Unfortunately I had to work tonight, so I couldn’t play it yet. Instead, I drew the ‘Dohvakiin’, the Dragonborn. Just to keep me busy....

TSIDDC: Leiden Skyline 0

TSIDDC: Leiden Skyline

click on pic for full size This one has not technically been done during class, but when I was studying on my roof. The university library was closed for some ridiculous Christian holiday, so I had to use this last...

TSIDDC: Safe Harbor 2

TSIDDC: Safe Harbor

Another episode of ‘The Shit I Draw During Class’, or TSIDDC for short, with another masterpiece from my hand and mind. No, I’m not talking about masturbation, I’m talking about scribbling. It’s a boat, leaving a harbor. The harbor is...



I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet the last couple of days. I’ve been doing stuff for school, visited my parents (my sister’s birthday was saturday and yesterday was, ofcourse, Mother’s Day) and downloaded Minecraft, to which I’ve been addicted ever...

TSIDDC (The Shit I Draw During Class): Savanna 0

TSIDDC (The Shit I Draw During Class): Savanna

This will be another regular post, which will normally not be accompanied by a lot of text. I will only now, because this is the first entry into this new type of post, explain what I want to achieve with...

Hey look! I’m a pro-photographer! 0

Hey look! I’m a pro-photographer!

For the last few days, it has finally been freezing. Last night, the first snow of the year fell from the sky. I had to take a haircut, so I walked through the city to take some pictures. Using this...