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Multimedia Wrap Up (Week 48, 2013)


This weekly post serves as a way to communicate to you everything I watched, listened to or played that I want you to know about. Be it an awesome movie, a great song, a terrible game or the best episode of a TV-show I’ve ever seen; they will all be posted in the Multimedia Wrap Up.

Family Guy S12E06 – “Life of Brian”
Before the start of this television-season, I read an interview with Seth MacFarlane in which he revealed he would kill off one of the characters of Family Guy during the season. I had forgotten about that interview, until halfway this episode. If you’ve been living under a rock, or if you are generally not interested in Family Guy (in which case, you might as well skip ahead), you might not know who he decided to kill off. In any case, there’s going to be spoilers from now on. Ready? Okay, go. The character killed off is Brian, the family dog. The rest of the episode is spent on the introduction of Vinnie, the new Italian-American resident dog. I have no idea whether or not the death of Brian is definitive, since MacFarlane has previously proven with American Dad he can revive certain characters without any consideration towards the continuity of the storyline presented. Tonight, the next episode will air, which will undoubtedly clear up a lot of confusion among fans. Keep reading

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Videogame ánd Music? Why yes, it’s Audiosurf 2!


I made a video. Of a song. In a videogame. Impossible? Nope, it’s Audiosurf 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Audiosurf. Originally going to be called ‘Audiosurf: Air’, it’s now simply called ‘Audiosurf 2’. And I’m okay with that. It’s awesome. Don’t trust me? You can buy it here, and try it for yourself. It’s still in early acces, which means it isn’t fully finished yet. This doesn’t mean it is unplayable – quite the contrary. It just gets better with every (almost) daily update. The song, for anyone wondering, is Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’.

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Sunshine of your Love



12th of March, 2012. The first real day of spring. In order to celebrate, I wrote a post about it. The theme-song of that day was The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Today, the 4th of March, I will celebrate the exact same thing – the victory of the sun over dreary, cold and cloudy weather. I booted up iTunes to find a theme song to this joyous day. Searching for ‘sun’, I eventually came up with Cream’s ‘Sunshine of your Love’, which I put up above. Enjoy!

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FELIXDICIT’s ‘X of 2012’


As the clock is slowly ticking away, counting down the final moments of this year, it is time to recap 2012. What movies, what games or what albums were either very good, or very bad. As I can’t have total knowledge of everything that was released the last 366 days, I will stick with whatever I’ve seen, listened to or played. I wanted to include books to this list, but I haven’t really read any books for the purpose of entertainment; if I’d read anything at all, it would have been studying material. A little disclaimer beforehand: I only watch/play/listen to stuff I would want to watch/play/listen to, so ‘the worst X of 2012’ will probably be the movie/game/album that was the biggest let-down for me. This list is therefore highly subjective. So let’s kick off with movies, after the jump.

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