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I am very interested in world politics. I study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), so you can expect a lot of postings on current affairs. I’ll try to keep it international, but because I am Dutch, some will be about Dutch politics.

Opinion: Why Vettel deserves to be punished for Azerbaijan (more)

A lot has been said about the clash in Azerbaijan, and what I’m about to write might not be news to anyone. Nevertheless, I feel the need to voice my opinion on this subject, as it is currently still a...

Six Alternative ways to read the Dutch elections and their results

On March 15th, Rousseau would’ve said the Dutch experienced ‘true freedom’ as they went to the polling stations to cast their vote and elect a new parliament. This particular election generated a lot of foreign interest, after the Brexit-referendum and US...


The Information War: Putin’s efforts to destroy democracy by turning us into cannibals

Ever since Trump got elected in November, I wanted to write an elaborate essay on him, his politics, and (alleged) election fraud. However, since then, developments happened so fast, that anything I wrote would be dated the next day. I...


The Death of the Market-Oriented Party/Candidate; why Clinton lost.

The morning of the ninth of november will forever be seen as a historical morning. On approximately 3AM EST, Donald J. Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 US presidential election while Clinton lost. A couple of weeks before...


Barrier Breakers 2016; Turning the Internet into a (not so) New Political Frontier

Clinton associated PAC ‘Correct the Record’ announced their ‘Barrier Breakers 2016’ initiative, throwing 1 million dollar to their computer screens in hopes to improve Clinton’s likeability online.


Join the Debate: pick up your phone and forget the facts – they are too boring anyway.

With the United States general election coming up again, audiences are once again invited to join the conversation. To “use hash tag #TheDebate on Twitter”, or “vote on facebook”. To “follow the newest developments as they happen right from the...


The Effects on Political Trust of Political News-Watching among Seniors

For my masters in Political Communication I got the assignment to write a research essay on political trust, combining elements from the course literature with statistical data taken from existing databases (such as PewResearch, World Value Survey or the European...

Into Perspective #3: ‘Leftist-Indoctrination’ at the UvA 1

Into Perspective #3: ‘Leftist-Indoctrination’ at the UvA

Into Perspective #2: Gordon 2

Into Perspective #2: Gordon

Into Perspective #1: ‘Zwarte Piet’ 1

Into Perspective #1: ‘Zwarte Piet’

#Syria: Just a Civil War? 0

#Syria: Just a Civil War?

Trying to understand, and above all, make sense of what is happening in Syria for the last few weeks is like a rollercoaster in zero gravity. Nothing makes sense. The carts could go either way, up or down. Suddenly, Putin...

I Feel Offended 0

I Feel Offended

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Snowden Requests Asylum in 21 Countries, but why? 2

Snowden Requests Asylum in 21 Countries, but why?

Edward Snowden, the current most famous whistleblower on this blue pearl drifting along the universe, has requested asylum in 21 countries across the globe. Some Latin-American, like Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador. Some are major global, antagonistic to the...

We had been warned… by THIS guy. 0

We had been warned… by THIS guy.

Why wasn’t it an actor I take more seriously… like Zach Galifianakis? Tell me what you think of this post;[Total: 0 Average: 0]

New Books, or, How To Look Smug While At The Pool 0

New Books, or, How To Look Smug While At The Pool

In a month’s time, I’ll be travelling to Italy with (probably) my brother-in-law-to-be to where my parents are supposed to be (a campsite just south of Florence, Tuscany). I’ll bring my electronic toys (tablet, phone, etc), but I will finally...

‘Project Democracy’ Almost At An End, Winners Will Soon Be Decided 0

‘Project Democracy’ Almost At An End, Winners Will Soon Be Decided

To the left: people protesting the banking sector. To the right: people protesting Monsanto, the assumed winner of Project Democracy   The long running experiment called ‘Democracy’, which has run for over 200 years now, is soon to be ending....


Peter Singer – One World (Summary)

Here is another summary of a book. This time, it’s Peter Singer’s “One World”, which I had to study for part two of “Democracy & Justice” (Democratie & Rechtvaardigheid). Again, I’m sharing it with the world, free of charge. If...

Robert A. Dahl – On Democracy (Summary) 0

Robert A. Dahl – On Democracy (Summary)

This is a summary of Robert A. Dahl’s book ‘On Democracy’ (1998). It is written in English, due to possible translation issues, but, for full disclosure, my native language is Dutch. 23 pages long. Follow this link to opend the...

Putin is visiting Amsterdam, Amnesty jumps on the Bandwagen 0

Putin is visiting Amsterdam, Amnesty jumps on the Bandwagen

I noticed these pictures on my facebook-feed, made an Imgur-album of them and they are currently featuring on the frontpage of Reddit, just below the news of Thatcher’s death. All credit on these pictures are to Steven for making them,...

A Eulogy for Chavez 0

A Eulogy for Chavez

Our good friend, the great leader of the magnificent people of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has passed away. A day of mourning for all of us, but if you’re one of those pesky American pigs, you’ll probably be out in the...