Finally, a .com!


I’m now finalising the transition between a static blog and my own blog, be it powered by wordpress. It was a difficult process. Ups and downs. The layout, as you can see, has been changed. I can’t use my beloved black see-through layout anymore, because it’s only supported within wordpress itself. There is an external version, but that doesn’t let you choose your own background/header. So, I’ve settled for this one, although I like it less than my previous option.

I’ve imported everything, there won’t be anything posted on the ol’ blog, which was stat-raped by my sister by posting a link on her blog. I’m still adding stuff I had on my previous blog, and trying to improve the look of the blog. Which is actually an evolution, never finished. But for now, there’s some work to be done.

I’ll keep you updated, don’t be surprised if you see the blog jumping from theme to theme, background to background, header to header. That’s just me trying out new stuff, in order to get sattisfied by the look of it.

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Hi! I'm Felix, the guy with the giant arrow pointing at him above. I'm Dutch. I like to write, I like to draw, and I like to voice my opinion sometimes. Welcome to my blog, where everything I create is collected. You might know me as FelixR1991 - or you might not. Whatever the case may be, I hope you have great time scrolling through my stuff!



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