A bit later than it was supposed to be (I had contracted NORO-virus yesterday), but here it is, the results of the game giveaway. Using, a website for randomly generating numbers, I created a list of numbers which I compared to your place on the list of likes (e.g. #1 is the one who first liked Felixdicit, #23 the one who last liked the page). I have yet to find a way to contact you, facebook will need a friend request which is time consuming. If you’d like to put a comment and use your real email adress when you are not among my facebook-friend, this will speed things up a bit. Results after the jump.

  • 11 Stefanie de J.
  • 20 Matic P.
  • 23 Corbin H.
  • 16 Gilles B.
  • 7 Hugo N.
  • 13 Isak F.
  • 22 Matthew H.
  • 2 Roosmarijn de J.
  • 12 Johny Y.
  • 5 Roy B.
  • 18 Anton K.
  • 9 Tjark B.
  • 8 Mark-Jan W.
  • 1 Boris P.
  • 21 Maxim G.
  • 10 Christiaan de S.
  • 17 Diederik van D.
  • 19 Cyprien G.
  • 3 Annemerel de J.
  • 14 Shashank V.
  • 6 Ruben B.
  • 15 Alexander P.
  • 4 Yernaz R.

Congrats to all the winners!

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