I’m as Mad as Hell


I’m filled with rage. Why? I’ll tell you why. Remember the drawing I posted earlier? I posted it to Reddit yesterday. Stupid as I am, I forgot to put a watermark on it. It got ripped by some 9fagger who posted it as something done by ‘his friend’. The problem is, he couldn’t have been a friend of mine, since I posted it to facebook today, and it was uploaded to 9fag yesterday. So far, it has received 47 shares and a total of over 6500 ‘smiles’. I don’t know if that’s good, but I most certainly regret that I didn’t put a watermark on it. But most of all, I’m angry because someone would just blatantly rip my stuff and pass it off as ‘their friend’. Give credit where credit is due. By the way, here’s further proof that it’s actually mine. (With complementary watermark)

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TSIDDC: Safe Harbor
WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [18] (Week 22, 2012)
  • 90% of 9Gag’s content is stolen by sad 12 year olds that put it online as their or their friend’s/dad’s/mom’s/dog’s creation. Ah well, at least the fact that they stole it is some kind of recognition :’)

    • I know that. It’s why I always refer to the website as 9fag. But have it being done to yourself still hurts.

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