My Desktop as of right now


I was a bit bored yesterday late at night, so I decided to fiddle with my desktop. I already had rainmeter┬áinstalled, but I decided to add a few parts, make them look better and rearrange them. What you see here is the result. The links on the right of the desktop are fully clickable and lead me to the website directly. The little music player on the right doesn’t let me select any songs, but it does enable me to pause, play, or change the song from an album I’ve selected previously in iTunes. I also changed the icons for the shortcuts to my libraries, as to give it a more clean look. All in all, this setup will enable me to be more efficient and productive. I think.

The components:

  • System and Network boxes are from ‘Illustro’
  • Notes is from ‘Desk_Five’
  • User and Steam panel are from ‘Omnimo’
  • Clock and Weather are from ‘Rainmeter Rubbish’
  • Music player is from ‘Elegance’
  • Links are from ‘Dark.Eve’
  • The shortcut Icons are ‘Concave Light’
  • The background is made by myself
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