My love/hate for twitter.



Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Nowadays, everybody has twitter. I can pride myself in being on of the early adopters, tweeting since march ’09, just a few months before twitter became booming. I never really understood the importance of Twitter. Most people use it to describe their lives, instead of just posting it on their facebook-profile. Other people use it to advertise their own webpage (guilty!). Nowadays, I sometimes browse twitter out of curiosity to see why there are sirenes racing across my street.

That’s, in my opinion, the only real function of twitter: spreading news before the bigger websites are able to post anything about it. A lot of TV-programs encourage people to discuss their broadcast, sometimes showing tweets which feature their program on their shows. This is just another form of shameful advertising.

I didn’t really get why twitter was so popular, so I stopped using it. That’s why I haven’t tweeted anything from august 10th, 2010, until today, with the announcement of this blog. I don’t really care about twitter, but apparently it’s any easy way to say to people: “Stop what you are doing, I wrote another piece in my diary, you MUST read it!”

Therefore. I have started using twitter again. I feel horrible.

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  • Ik link m’n twitter gewoon aan m’n facebook. Het zorgt ervoor dat ik geen facebook statussen post van 3000 woorden. Twitter is ideaal om je een beetje beperkt te houden in wat je schrijft, en daarnaast is het idd perfect om nieuwe blogs te spammen. Meeste van mijn bloglezers komen er via twitter.

Please, tell me why I'm wrong.

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