No Mo’ -Vember


Yes. I did a half-hearted attempt at Movember. Half-hearted you ask? Yes. I started a week beforehand. Well, not consciously, it started out as lazyness. Around the 4th of November, I thought to myself: “it’d be a shame to shave it off now, lets just see how far I can go”. Midway through, I had to trim it, because it started to look ridiculous. I did this another time, but on the third I decided to just shave it all off. Movember might’ve started as a man’s way to express their concerns over prostate cancer, but really guys, lets be honest: it’s just a way for us to check if a beard fits our look without any social consequences. I just decided it isn’t my look. I might not look all that good without any facial hair as well, but I like my short stubble better than the small amount of pubes I have sparcely spread across my face. So that’s why there’s no more Movember for me. I think at least my little sister will be happy I shaved it off, she’s been bugging me to do it for weeks.

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