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This is all to let you know why I haven’t posted in a while. I know, its been over a week for a normal post to go online. I’ve been real busy, and on top of that, I’ve been avoiding responsibilities, like this blog. I have a good reason for some days, but for other days, I haven’t.

Thursday, December 5th, I had three deadlines. I had to create a small essay pointing out a flaw in a certain essay made by someone. This was not much, about 200-300 words. However, the second deadline would have me create a research proposal of about a 1000 words. Quite heavy. The third deadline had to do with a presentation I had to give that afternoon.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I started too late on all of these assignments. I started out Tuesday, and slowly made my way to Thursday. Thursday was all about stress, stress, stress. Around noon, I finished all of the assignments, however, I would still have to create the whole presentation before 4 o clock. I decided to only create the powerpoint without any draft or script on what I would have to say in the presentation. Now you already know how I hate doing presentations due to my earlier ‘Thing I Hate’ post. This time however, went rather well. Even though I didn’t know what to say, using the presentation as a coathanger I babbled my way into it, going into fine detail about certain parts and swiftly brushing over topics I didn’t know enough about. Answering the questions was a breeze.

Enough about presentations. I still had another deadline, due on Sunday. This was the biggest. 3000 words. It would decide what my bachelor thesis would be about. I had to produce about 3000 words in two days. I did, eventually, but it took its toll on my mental state. It didn’t help that I had to celebrate ‘Sinterklaar’ the friday before, meaning that at least half my day couldn’t be dedicated to writing the thesis proposal.

There’s another reason why I didn’t just write something and post it here. It’s because I’m currently in a trial period for a somewhat large Dutch website called ‘Moeten We Niet Willen’ (We Mustn’t Want That), which you can find over at So far, two of my submissions have gone online, this is the most recent one, and this is the first one.

So far, the Steam Games Giveaway is going on, but I will have to decide on the deadline later on. It is possible that it will be elongated towards New Year’s Eve.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow will hopefully see a new MultiMedia Wrap Up.


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Multimedia Wrap-Up (Week 49, 2013)
VIDEO: Sucking at DotA2 Episode 01: Disruptor

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