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Design: minimalist Eau Rouge wallpaper

To get in the mood for the Belgian Grand Prix, I made some free Eau Rouge wallpapers for your phone. Above, you can see how it looks on my LG G6. Below, you can preview the wallpaper, and there’s a link to an Imgur album featuring three different sizes: 2880×1440, 2560×1440 and 1920×1080. Preview:   >> Link to album << Don’t like this minimalist design but love the corner? Here are some wallpapers of the same corner I made back in 2013! Cheers!

Design: minimalist Formula 1 car

Between June and August, my internet cable broke. This meant I couldn’t browse the web or watch TV. There was an upside to all this: my productivity greatly improved. For 47 days, I was almost entirely disconnected from the world. I did a lot of designing during that time, and now I’m slowly uploading all of these designs both here and on RedBubble. The first of these is this minimalist F1 car design. Each element has exectly four anchor points, and four handles (two anchors have none). This makes for a cool minimalist design. Check for yourself on the accompanying...

Design: Dota World

Three weeks ago I had an idea for a design – a spherical Dota World. In an hour or so, I put this idea to paper. That was the easy part. What followed was three weeks of painstakingly coming to terms with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, which I, at the time, was still a novice at. I learned through practice, and I am quite happy with the result. I am hoping to get this approved by Valve to sell during TI7, for which I uploaded the product here. If you like this work, please vote! If it fails approval,...