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Design: Fernando Alonso’s 2017 Indianapolis 500 helmet

Fernando Alonso. He’s having a hard time currently with the McLaren Honda in Formula 1. The two-time WDC winner with Renault started his career with Minardi scoring points on his debut. Moved to Renault, ended Schumacher’s reign by dominating the ’05 and ’06 season and left for McLaren. At McLaren, he was pushed out by Ron Dennis in favor of the then new talent Lewis Hamilton, only to return to Renault. He was picked up by Ferrari to replace Raikkonen in order to challenge the Red Bulls – a venture which ultimately ended in a lot of frustration and disappointment....

Design: Alonso’s McLaren Andretti Honda Indycar

I took a break from drawing Ferrari’s, but not from drawing thoroughbred racing cars. After the retro Ferrari 641 (F1) and Ferrari 333SP (Le Mans), we jump to the other side of the Atlantic, and to Ferrari’s long time rivals: McLaren. With Alonso’s shock announcement that he will be driving the Indy 500 this year for a new McLaren entry (in cooperation with Andretti Racing), powered by Honda. McLaren driving the Indy 500 is one with historic significance, as they took part ~50 years ago as well, before they decided to focus entirely on F1 after Bruce’s death.

F1 2017 Pre-Season Testing – Day 3 Recap and Analysis; ‘Oh please no not again’-edition

As the 2017 Formula 1 season draws near, many fans flock to F1-related pages in order to keep up with the latest developments as teams test their new cars before the season starts officially on March 24th, 12:00h local time in Melbourne, Australia – when the lights for the first free practice session of the Australian Grand Prix turn green. In these series of posts, I will transcribe the most important stuff happening on track on an hourly basis, and follow it up with an analysis based on 2016 testing results. This post will detail the goings-on at the Circuit...