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Join the Debate: pick up your phone and forget the facts – they are too boring anyway.

With the United States general election coming up again, audiences are once again invited to join the conversation. To “use hash tag #TheDebate on Twitter”, or “vote on facebook”. To “follow the newest developments as they happen right from the source on this cool app, available for free on iOS and Android”, and “if you download it now, you can vote on who you think won the debate!” This increased participation is aimed at binding audiences and getting them involved with the program, but as recent research shows, is also to the detriment of people’s attention causing them to be...


The Effects on Political Trust of Political News-Watching among Seniors

For my masters in Political Communication I got the assignment to write a research essay on political trust, combining elements from the course literature with statistical data taken from existing databases (such as PewResearch, World Value Survey or the European Social Survey). Since it was graded with an 8.7/10, I feel confident enough of sharing it online. You can find it below through Scribd – please keep in mind that uploading it kind of messed with the layout so it doesn’t 100% represent the final product. You can read through it below! Tell me what you think of this post;[Total:...


The Fourth Power: Media’s Role in Politics

Let’s go for something different now, a change of pace. Something serious. Being a Political Science major, I (have to) read a lot of political themed literature. Not all of them are easy to read through, especially the older works from the likes of Hobbes and Locke are quite hard to read if you are not a native english speaker. I imagine that even people who do have english as their first language, find it hard to understand what is written down by these enlightened philosophers. But what I do understand, is that Montesquieu proposed the trias politica: three powers which...