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‘Project Democracy’ Almost At An End, Winners Will Soon Be Decided 0

‘Project Democracy’ Almost At An End, Winners Will Soon Be Decided

To the left: people protesting the banking sector. To the right: people protesting Monsanto, the assumed winner of Project Democracy   The long running experiment called ‘Democracy’, which has run for over 200 years now, is soon to be ending. The longest running social experiment, outliving other experiments like ‘Big Brother’, ‘Germany’s Next Fascist Leader’ (famously won by Adolf Hitler) and ‘Marxism: Who Can Starve The Most People’ (won by Mao Zedong) by a mile. The project has seen some ups and downs through the times, but the world leaders have now finally decided to call it quits. By the...


The Fourth Power: Media’s Role in Politics

Let’s go for something different now, a change of pace. Something serious. Being a Political Science major, I (have to) read a lot of political themed literature. Not all of them are easy to read through, especially the older works from the likes of Hobbes and Locke are quite hard to read if you are not a native english speaker. I imagine that even people who do have english as their first language, find it hard to understand what is written down by these enlightened philosophers. But what I do understand, is that Montesquieu proposed the trias politica: three powers which...