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Design: Ferrari 333SP (90’s LMP)


Another new design, another Ferrari. This time, though, it is not a Formula 1 car but a 90’s Le Mans Prototype – or LMP for short. You can see the full design, in all its glory, after the jump – as well as some examples of products you can buy this design on. Let me know what you think by either rating this post, or commenting – so I know what direction to go in in the future!

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How Reddit made my wish come true: being a Graphic Designer.

ArtFormula 1Internet Culture

I woke up yesterday feeling creative, wanting to draw something. When I created my template for the 2017 Formula 1 car and uploaded it to reddit’s /r/formula1 subreddit about one and a half months ago, people over there suggested I try my hand at Adobe Illustrator. Well, yesterday morning I thought “hell, lets give it a try”, so I installed an older version of Illustrator (CS6) and looked up a video through google on how to draw in this particular program, giving me this tutorial. I decided I wanted to draw a Formula 1 car, and chose this picture of the 1990 Ferrari 641 (driven at the time by Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell) as a base image for its elegance and simplicity of design, and got to work.

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The Information War: Putin’s efforts to destroy democracy by turning us into cannibals


Ever since Trump got elected in November, I wanted to write an elaborate essay on him, his politics, and (alleged) election fraud. However, since then, developments happened so fast, that anything I wrote would be dated the next day. I have bookmarked dozens of topics I want to address, making it hard for me to wrap my head around the sheer stupidity and maliciousness that is the, by now, inaugurated Trump administration. From Donald Trump’s Russian connection, to Rex Tillerson’s (former head of Exxon Mobil) Antarctic connection. From Tom Pryce’s insider-trading of pharmaceutical stocks to Betsy DeVos paying to play. Or even the six appointed with direct ties to Goldman Sachs. But what I’m about to write about is too important, too widespread and all-affecting to leave unfinished. Yes, it may verge on ‘conspiracy theory’-territory, but bear with me. I will explain everything to the fullest detail, using sources to construct my case. Keep an open mind while reading, and tell me what you think when you’re done.

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The favourability of former Schumacher-fans and haters towards current drivers; do they differ?

Formula 1

I grew up watching, and loving, Formula 1. I’ve written quite a few articles about it in the past. One of my very first memories is watching Michael Schumacher grab his first Formula 1 world title in ’94, and repeating it in ’95. I remember being disappointed by him switching from Benetton to Ferrari, who (in my juvenile mind, unsoiled by historical context) were just a mid-level team. But, I endured the four relatively meager years that followed, only to see him rise to the top once again, dominating five seasons in a row. To people like me, these years were absolute bliss. However, to other’s, these five years were some of the hardest to watch Formula 1. This article will investigate whether this division has carried over to current driver choices with fans.

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Barrier Breakers 2016; Turning the Internet into a (not so) New Political Frontier

Internet CultureMediaPolitics

Clinton associated PAC ‘Correct the Record’ announced their ‘Barrier Breakers 2016’ initiative, throwing 1 million dollar to their computer screens in hopes to improve Clinton’s likeability online.

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