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Design: James Hunt’s 1976 helmet (+extra)

James Hunt will always be seen as the “bad boy” of Formula 1. Not only was he famous for his ‘all or nothing’ attitude on track, his off-track escapades might even be better remembered. Hunt entered F1 in the 1973 season for Hesketh, scoring two podiums in his first season (the first being a third place in my country, the Netherlands!). He took his first victory in 1975 (again in the Netherlands) which earned him a promotion to the McLaren team. During the 1976 season, he had a legendary run for the title battling Niki Lauda, which was ultimately decided...

Design: Niki Lauda’s 1984 helmet

Niki Lauda is perhaps among the top three of the most famous drivers F1 has had, next to Schumacher and Senna. The Austrian driver entered Formula 1 in 1971 and had his last season in 1985. Not only is he known for the three world titles he achieved during his career and being the only one doing so with both Ferrari and McLaren, he is probably best remembered by his horrible crash at the Nürburgring which left most of his face with third degree burns. The title challenge between him and James Hunt in the 1976 season was excellently depicted...


Confessions of a Dutch Formula 1 Hipster in the Max Verstappen era

Max Verstappen’s surprising win in the Spanish Grand Prix has left the Netherlands with Max-Mania. His first Formula 1 race with Red Bull was immediately turned into the first ever win for a Dutch driver in the highest class of motorsport. This has resulted in a lot of new fans among the Dutch, but also brought about some annoyances with this ‘old’ fan in particular.