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After my earlier unexpected overnight success (about which you can read all about here) I wanted to press on and do more drawings using Illustrator. I first tried my hand at something realistic looking, but soon noticed I had not yet gained the experience needed in order to complete said design to a satisfactory level, so progress on that project slowly came to a halt. Suddenly, I found myself wondering what to do. However, not long after, I scribbled something on paper which soon gave me an excellent idea, and so I went to work.

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The favourability of former Schumacher-fans and haters towards current drivers; do they differ?

Formula 1

I grew up watching, and loving, Formula 1. I’ve written quite a few articles¬†about it in the past. One of my very first memories is watching Michael Schumacher grab his first Formula 1 world title in ’94, and repeating it in ’95. I remember being disappointed by him switching from Benetton to Ferrari, who (in my juvenile mind, unsoiled by historical context) were just a mid-level team. But, I endured the four relatively meager years that followed, only to see him rise to the top once again, dominating five seasons in a row. To people like me, these years were absolute bliss. However, to other’s, these five years were some of the hardest to watch Formula 1. This article will investigate whether this division has carried over to current driver choices with fans.

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