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WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [32] (Week 3, 2013) (Birthday edition) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [32] (Week 3, 2013) (Birthday edition)

Hey there! Time for a new Wednesday’s Weekly. I already explained why I bailed on the last two weeklies, but here’s a fresh, new one for you to enjoy, the first one of 2013! What to expect from this Weekly? Welp, some pictures of the birthday presents I got yesterday. It isn’t much, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality. At least, for me. So, let’s kick things off – after the jump. Tell me what you think of this post;[Total: 0 Average: 0]

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [31] (Week 52, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [31] (Week 52, 2012)

After two days of filling up my stomach with delicious Christmas food, it’s now time for another weekly, for Wednesday has arrived. I made the hard decision to go back to Leiden, where unfortunately I’m currently home alone, except for our cat. But as we all know, you can’t make cats be social, they socialize only when they want to. And currently, he is too busy sleeping. In order to keep myself occupied, I’ll write another entry! Tell me what you think of this post;[Total: 0 Average: 0]

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [30] (Week 51, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [30] (Week 51, 2012)

Howdy! Time for another weekly! Let me start this one out with two quick apologies: 1) for not posting any reviews lately, I’ve been really busy with studying but I do have some reviews in the works which need just a little more punch to it, and 2) for stepping on my cat yesterday. Sorry Dick (yes, he’s called Dick), but you have to know that if you are lying on the floor of a dark room, nobody is going to see your black fur. Shit like that can happen. Tell me what you think of this post;[Total: 0 Average:...

WEDNESDAY’s WEEKLY [26] (Week 30, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’s WEEKLY [26] (Week 30, 2012)

Hi there. Yes, this is quite early to do the Wednesday’s Weekly. I don’t care. Better early than never, which was the case last week. I feel like I’ve let myself, you, and the blog as a whole down. Inexcusable, but hey, sometimes shit happens. Anyway, moving on. Why am I so early? Well, it’s because I’m at work and have trouble staying awake. I did almost everything I had to do, saw every link, image or story on Reddit twice, and now I’m bored. I tried drawing like I did last week, but I’m not motivated or inspired to...