You want lists? You get lists. Every saturday, I’ll post a blog about thing I like or dislike, things I use daily, things I want… basically, anything that I deem important enough to dedicate a list about. For your reading pleasure, I sum up all of the ‘The5’-entries here. You know, because I can.

Saturday 21st of April, 2012 – THE5: Best Indie Games I’ve Played
Saturday 7th of April, 2012 – THE5: Best Fictional Friendships
Saturday 31st of March, 2012 – THE5: Television Comedy Series

Please, tell me why I'm wrong.

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Hi! I'm Felix, the guy with the giant arrow pointing at him above. I'm Dutch. I like to write, I like to draw, and I like to voice my opinion sometimes. Welcome to my blog, where everything I create is collected. You might know me as FelixR1991 - or you might not. Whatever the case may be, I hope you have great time scrolling through my stuff!



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