Hi. I’m Felix. On the internet, I’m better known as FelixR1991, which has been my alias for over a decade now. I’ve always been a creative type; writing, drawing, photoshopping, etc. This blog is an extension of that, to give my creations a stable home from which I can show people close to me, or, if I feel like it, the world. You will find a lot of stuff here. Stuff that I’m proud of, and stuff that I’m less proud of. Serious political monologues can be followed up with talk about videogames. The only rules I subject myself to when posting are:

  • It should be finished.
  • I should not feel ashamed about it.

Maybe there aren’t a lot of posts (recently). If you can have a look behind the scenes, you will see how often I have tried and started to write something, only for me to abandon the article. Or drawing. Or photoshop. The things that do get posted, are the ones that kept my interest in creating said post until completion. And yes, it is easy to start writing something in a fit of rage, or drunk – in those cases, I will sleep on it.

My interests are not limited to videogames and politics. I’m a big sports guy (Formula 1, Cycling, Speedskating, and 99% of all wintersports – excluding figure skating). I like cooking, and have published some ‘recipes’ in the past, complete with pictures. Most articles will be about either of these topics, but if I find something else I’m passionate enough about to complete an article on, don’t be surprised to find a new post on it. As an quick introduction, you can find some articles I’m especially proud of to have written collected here, or under ‘suggested’ in the top bar.

Some might question my right to speak when it comes to political topics, so I will give a full disclosure. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, and a Master’s in Political Communication from the Graduate School of Communication; the best communications departement in Europe. I am liberal at heart, but see the need arise for more government intervention to combat exploitation of the populace by increasingly audacious corporations. And, I feel a stronger European Union will contribute to creating a healthier and more durable economy and society in the times to come.

So, now you know the reason for this blog to exist, the type of stuff you can expect to find, and my full political bias. If you ever feel the impertinent need to debate me, hit me up on twitter.

PS: I’m looking for a job. If you are an employer or you know someone who needs a communications expert, feel free to let me know.