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Hi. I'm Felix. On the internet, I'm better known as FelixR1991, which has been my alias for over a decade now. I've always been a creative type; writing, drawing, designing, photoshopping, etc. This blog is an extension of that: it is a place to give my creations a home. A home which I can show to people close to me or far away. You will find a lot of stuff here. Stuff that I'm proud of. Old stuff that I was proud of at the time. 

“What do you write about?”
I write about stuff that interests me. While the specifics might change over time, there are certain trends. Videogames and (motor-) sports are the most prevailant topics which you'll see being discussed, but there's also room for different topics if those topics interest me.

“Why don't you write about X-topic?”
Because I don't want to. 

“What do you do for a living?”
At the time of writing, I'm inbetween jobs. This means I have some spare time for hobbies and writing about them. This might change once my new employment starts.

“Is this blog successful?”
Success is measured in a lot of ways. The aim of this blog is to give me a place to show my musings to the world. In this, the blog is successful. Sometimes, an article or design gets a lot of hits, giving a (temporary) spike in traffic. One might argue that this is another measure of success. While I do admit that seeing something you created to be proven popular gives me an adrenaline kick, I'm also happy if a post only reaches just twenty people. 

“How much traffic do you generate?”
A typical day sees me generating anywhere between 100-200 hits a day by 80-150 readers, mostly because of good SEO management. A typical spike might see that number go up to a thousand. 

“Do you earn loads of money with these ads?”
I use Google's adsense ads mainly to keep this website afloat. A typical month sees me earn about €6 from impressions and an occasional click, which is just about enough to pay my server hosting. Turning off adblocker or whitelisting me actually helps a great deal to support content creators like myself.