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Design: Mathieu van der Poel

I’m not only a four-wheel racing fan. I also enjoy two-wheel racing. And no, that doesn’t just mean MotoGP. It also means cycling. And one of the most exiting riders of the past couple of years just happen to be Dutch (like me): Mathieu van der Poel. Understandably then, I’ve become a big fan of his. I wanted to convert this fandom into a design. I chose to make a logo design featuring his face, covered by his iconic helmet and glasses – the way we most often see him...

Workouts Added in the Sidebar; an Explanation. 0

Workouts Added in the Sidebar; an Explanation.

The last week has been a very hot one, with temperatures reaching ~35 degrees celsius. My room is on the top floor, so it got even hotter inside my room. I wanted to work out, but it was way too hot to sit inside on the rowing ergometer. Instead, I went out on my shoddy old mountainbike and just rode it, nowhere in particular, and back. Being the statistics nerd I’ve always been, I used my phone’s GPS to track speed, distance, etc. with the Sports Tracker app. However, my...