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Design: MAX

For the average Dutchman, I’m not that much of a Max Verstappen fan. I am somewhat of an F1 hipster. The people who laughed at me as a teen for watching Formula 1? They have all suddenly devoted their Sunday-afternoons to watching Max do what they previously made fun of: drive in circles. Nevertheless, I respect Max’ driving skills. I certainly hope he will be able to break Mercedes’ hegemony, which has lasted for far too long already. Last week, I posted a design that combined Shepard Fairley’s “Hope” poster...


Confessions of a Dutch Formula 1 Hipster in the Max Verstappen era

Max Verstappen’s surprising win in the Spanish Grand Prix has left the Netherlands with Max-Mania. His first Formula 1 race with Red Bull was immediately turned into the first ever win for a Dutch driver in the highest class of motorsport. This has resulted in a lot of new fans among the Dutch, but also brought about some annoyances with this ‘old’ fan in particular.