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An Ode to my (new) Xbox 0

An Ode to my (new) Xbox

February 13 shall forever be known as the date my first real gaming companion passed away. I wrote an extensive obituary. But now, 362 days later this 9th of February (last year was a leap year, remember?) I woke up to a new baby. A giant box on my doorstep, posing as an unwanted baby. But then again, this one was wanted. I ordered this beast of a box yesterday, when I noticed a sale: a 250GB Xbox 360 slim with Halo 4, discounted from €249 to €189. Because my birthday...

TSIDDC: Geralt of Rivia 0

TSIDDC: Geralt of Rivia

Wait. Another TSIDDC?! Yes. I don’t know if it is because I’m that bored, or that I simply have great inspiration at the moment. Ah well. Here’s Geralt of Rivia from the game ‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings’. It might be a bit nerdy, but his head is very typical and satisfying to draw. The lines across his face are because I originally wanted to make this the composition drawing, later redrawing it. While making it, I noticed the lines didn’t bother me and I kept on...

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun 0

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun

Sometimes, I like an album enough that I listen to it daily, or at least, a few times a week. Which is the case with this album, Kyuss’s ‘Blues for the Red Sun’ from 1992. Not only do I want to listen to the music, I also want to spread the word about it to others. Hence, this blog post. Why do I listen to an album from 1992, you say? Well, in the following post I try to convince you to give it a try (Youtube links incoming after...