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Wallpapers pt. 5: Ginetta Cup-edition!

As part of our (The Privateer’s Pitbox’) Ginetta Cup, I’ve been taking a lot of screenshots to use in the race recaps. Occasionally, I also edited some of them to create more hype for the championship itself. This post collects some of the best edits I made which, imho, are fit to adorn your desktops (i.e., totally free wallpapers)! Below, I’ll not only show the original screenshot and its edit, but I’ll also explain what I did to the picture so you know what to look for if that’s of...


Wallpapers pt. 4: Five more ACC-screenshots enhanced!

It’s been a while since I did one of my screenshot collections. While there was a time earlier this year I kept hammering out editted screenshots (part 1, part 2 and part 3), I didn’t stop making them. They were just less frequent. Now though, I’ve collected five more enhanced wallpapers I find worthy of posting the before and after edits of. Clicking the before and after links below the pictures opens the high-res, Imgur-hosted versions. I hope you like them! Battle at Misano This one is taken from one...