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Join the Debate: pick up your phone and forget the facts – they are too boring anyway.

With the United States general election coming up again, audiences are once again invited to join the conversation. To “use hash tag #TheDebate on Twitter”, or “vote on facebook”. To “follow the newest developments as they happen right from the source on this cool app, available for free on iOS and Android”, and “if you download it now, you can vote on who you think won the debate!” This increased participation is aimed at binding audiences and getting them involved with the program, but as recent research shows, is also...

Facebook et al. Quitting ain’t easy. 0

Facebook et al. Quitting ain’t easy.

  I used to like facebook. Sharing pictures of friends, holidays, and just random crazy stuff you see along the way of living life. It was good. Keeping tabs on people you haven’t seen in a while through Facebook was a good way to keep communicating with long lost friends. That was years ago, in what looks like an eternity ago. I hate facebook. I hate looking at it, I hate having to react to it, I hate the behemoth my friends list has become – meaning that a lot...

My love/hate for twitter. 2

My love/hate for twitter.

  Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Nowadays, everybody has twitter. I can pride myself in being on of the early adopters, tweeting since march ’09, just a few months before twitter became booming. I never really understood the importance of Twitter. Most people use it to describe their lives, instead of just posting it on their facebook-profile. Other people use it to advertise their own webpage (guilty!). Nowadays, I sometimes browse twitter out of curiosity to see why there are sirenes racing across my street. That’s, in my opinion, the only real...