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The Effects on Political Trust of Political News-Watching among Seniors

For my masters in Political Communication I got the assignment to write a research essay on political trust, combining elements from the course literature with statistical data taken from existing databases (such as PewResearch, World Value Survey or the European Social Survey). Since it was graded with an 8.7/10, I feel confident enough of sharing it online. You can find it below through Scribd – please keep in mind that uploading it kind of messed with the layout so it doesn’t 100% represent the final product. You can read through...

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2) 0

TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2)

So Felix, you’ve been away for a while. How come? Well, I’ve been watching the Walking Dead for quite a while. It’s one of the reasons I havent posted in a while, and the only reason relevant to this blog post. It’s common courtesy to at least write a blog post about it, right? So here we are, I’m now going to review the first two seasons of The Walking Dead; a zombie-apocalypse series by AMC.

Is HBO Just Shitting out these Great Series? 0

Is HBO Just Shitting out these Great Series?

Game of Thrones has only just started its second season, but HBO is already filling the gap after the season’s finale. Enter ‘The Newsroom’, a politically themed drama about a news anchor snapping, and trying to make a change. At least, that’s what this trailer above is trying to make me believe. The series features Jeff Daniels (Dumb & Dumber) as Will McAvoy, the news anchor in question, and his producer Mackenzie MacHale (Emily Mortimer, as known from ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Hugo’).