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Into Perspective #3: ‘Leftist-Indoctrination’ at the UvA 1

Into Perspective #3: ‘Leftist-Indoctrination’ at the UvA

In this weekly column, I will put a socio-political issue into perspective. This means that I will look at both points of view of the story rationally, and hopefully come to a compromise that both parties can agree to.  ‘Leftist-Indoctrination’ at the University of Amsterdam Thursday-evening, a fellow Political Science-student of mine, Yernaz Ramautarsing, appeared on one of the, if not the, leading talk show in the Netherlands: Pauw & Witteman. I’ve known Yernaz now for more or less three years, and I am glad for him that he got this...


Peter Singer – One World (Summary)

Here is another summary of a book. This time, it’s Peter Singer’s “One World”, which I had to study for part two of “Democracy & Justice” (Democratie & Rechtvaardigheid). Again, I’m sharing it with the world, free of charge. If you want to thank me, click one of the innocent advertisements right on the bottom of this website just once. Google will give me a few cents for a click, which I can use to pay for hosting. Click here to continue to the summary (on Scribd)

Robert A. Dahl – On Democracy (Summary) 0

Robert A. Dahl – On Democracy (Summary)

This is a summary of Robert A. Dahl’s book ‘On Democracy’ (1998). It is written in English, due to possible translation issues, but, for full disclosure, my native language is Dutch. 23 pages long. Follow this link to opend the .doc (office 2003 compatible) If you like this post, you might also be interested in my other summary of Peter Singer’s One World. Both summaries are available free of charge, but if you like them, feel free to click on a harmless google-advert such as the one below, it greatly...