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My first venture into selling something online. 0

My first venture into selling something online.

Yesterday, I was visiting my parents. While travelling, I saw more and more people putting on their steels to skate on the ice. It made me want to follow their example, but I don’t have iceskates. So, I borrowed my father’s skates. Hilarity ensued. I haven’t accumulated more than ten hours of experience in my life. Naturally, when I took to the ice, I almost fell over backwards. Then forwards. Then sideways. I’m proud to say that, even after ten minutes of almost falling over, I never did fall over....

More snow equals more pictures 2

More snow equals more pictures

It had been forecast, this buttload of snow. I was eagerly awaiting it, because I love snow. I love walking in it, I love walking on it. I love seeing it. I love feeling it. I love throwing it. So, when the first few flakes where falling, I grabbed my cellphone and went out for a walk. I don’t have any other means of photographing, so due to the really bad quality pictures my phone makes, I had to use the same app as last time to enhance the quality/ make...