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Design: Sebastian Vettel's '5'

It’s been a while since I designed something, but sometimes you have a hint, a spark, a slight flash of inspiration resulting in something you think is at least half decent. Well, this design is just that. I think I only saw Sebastian Vettel’s helmet, and knew I wanted to make this logo. The design is inspired by Sebastian Vettel’s ‘5’ logo, which he wears on his helmet. He’s done a lot of different renditions and variations of the logo, like the one in this picture. My design has the...

TSIDDC: Dovahkiin 0

TSIDDC: Dovahkiin

So today I finally bought Skyrim, as it has a -50% discount on Steam right now. Unfortunately I had to work tonight, so I couldn’t play it yet. Instead, I drew the ‘Dohvakiin’, the Dragonborn. Just to keep me busy. It’s a quiet night out here, so I had lots of free time left to draw this. In case you wonder why there’s a euro on the table, it’s there purely for size-reference. Nothing more, nothing less.