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Design: minimalist Eau Rouge wallpaper

To get in the mood for the Belgian Grand Prix, I made some free Eau Rouge wallpapers for your phone. Above, you can see how it looks on my LG G6. Below, you can preview the wallpaper, and there’s a link to an Imgur album featuring three different sizes: 2880×1440, 2560×1440 and 1920×1080. Preview:   >> Link to album << Don’t like this minimalist design but love the corner? Here are some wallpapers of the same corner I made back in 2013! Cheers!

Design: Ayrton Senna’s Helmet (1990-ish)

What words could one dedicate to Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna which haven’t been said before? His career was excellently (albeit a tad biased) documented in the 2010 documentary ‘Senna’ (IMDb link) which for many was their first glimpse into the sport. Understandably, Senna’s fanbase (for a non-current driver) equals Schumacher’s. Who could forget his battles with other 80’s legends such as Prost and Mansell. The 1988 dominance of the MP4/4 and the resulting rivalry between Senna and Prost puts even Rosberg vs. Hamilton to shame. Sadly, we lost Senna in...

Design: Gilles Villeneuve’s 1980 helmet

There are hardly more tragic stories than that of Gilles Villeneuve. The Canadian driver drove his first race in 1977 for McLaren, but was picked up by Ferrari for the final two races of the 1977 season. He won his first race in the following 1978 season at his home grand prix. He came close to winning the 1979 championship, but was plagued with problems in the ’80 and ’81 seasons. Then, finally, Ferrari seemed to have built a title challenger for the 1982 season.  After two retirements, Villeneuve came...

Design: Michael Schumacher’s 1994 Helmet (+extra)

Michael Schumacher was, and always will be, my hero. I was born in 1991, the year he made his debut. One of my first memories is watching him drive Formula 1 in 1994 and winning the title that year. I had a slot car set by Carrera which came with a poster of him on the podium in the 1993 season which had been on my bedroom door for about 15 years until it finally collapsed. Schumacher went on to win a record seven World Driver Championships: two with Benneton...


Wallpaper – Ferrari SF16-H Outlined

I’ve been feeling creative lately. This is a direct result of that. It is the Ferrari SF16-H, which was raced by Ferrari in the 2016 Formula 1 season with lackluster results. It is not the most beautiful car, but for the purpose of what I intended to make – a recognizable outline – it was the prime candidate. It took me about four hours to make, divided over three days. Below you can find a direct link to a version hosted on imgur (1920×1080), as well as a link to...


A Collection of Wallpapers: Williams Martini Racing

The Williams is 2014’s hottest looking car. Not just the aerodynamic design, but also the livery is top-notch. The Martini Racing livery makes for some great nostalgia to the era of dangerous touring cars and Le Mans prototypes of the 70’s and 80’s. I made a few wallpapers based on this Williams Martini design, which you can find in this post. Here’s the first, the other two are after the jump!   (original)


A Collection Of Videogame Wallpapers (ft. Gaben)

I was avoiding writing an essay, and got inspired by a picture I saw to make some videogame wallpapers (featuring our glorious overlord, GabeN). When I uploaded it to imgur, I saw I had quite a backlog of gaming-related wallpapers which I might as well post here. I actually did another post like this before (with formula 1 related wallpapers), which you can find here. So, here goes, starting with the one I made today and the others following after the jump. Hope they can be of some use to you! (click...


Some Eau Rouge Wallpapers I Made

  Something you might not have known about me yet: I used to use Photoshop. A lot. It all started on a Dutch car-forum called ‘Autoweek’, where there was a special sub forum especially for car-related photoshops. Most of them weere, because of the popularity of ‘Need for Speed: Underground’ at the time, inspired by the tuning-scene. I used to make some of them as well, but my speciality was in converting normal cars to track-racers – proper GT cars. I did this for 3-4 years or so, in my...