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Design: Mathieu van der Poel

I’m not only a four-wheel racing fan. I also enjoy two-wheel racing. And no, that doesn’t just mean MotoGP. It also means cycling. And one of the most exiting riders of the past couple of years just happen to be Dutch (like me): Mathieu van der Poel. Understandably then, I’ve become a big fan of his. I wanted to convert this fandom into a design. I chose to make a logo design featuring his face, covered by his iconic helmet and glasses – the way we most often see him...

Design: Running is in my sole

Before I talk about the design above, I have to tell you a little story. Scroll down if you want to go directly to the designs! Last monday, I ran a personal record on the half-marathon distance (21.093 meters). I obliterated my previous best (1:55:06) by over six minutes (1:48:56). I wasn’t planning on doing a record attempt. No. I was doing a testrun preparing for a record attempt which was at the time (and still is now) a couple of weeks ahead. I had been slowly building my pace...

Blancpain at Zandvoort: report, gallery and aftermovie.

On the weekend of the 12th to 14th of July (2019), the Blancpain travelling circus hit Zandvoort. Since I’ve been heavily investing my time in Assetto Corsa Competizione (which features the official Blancpain licensed cars) I thought it would be nice to visit a real race for once. I’ve visited Zandvoort once before, but I had never watched a race, never felt the roar of the engines pass through my stomach. All that changed on sunday the 14th of July. See/read below for my experiences! Lamborghini Supertrofeo Together with a...


How To Make Dota 2 eSports Even Better

I love Dota 2. I love playing it, and I love watching live tournaments – online. However, something has started to bother me. While some teams get invited, they perform poorly. Exemplified by the victory of Team OG today, a new team which showed every directly invited team who’s boss. Do we really need direct invites anymore? If you’re like me, you just saw Team OG take a convincing victory over Team Secret in the final of the Frankfurt Major, taking 1.1 million dollar of prize money from the 3...


Dutch eSports: Booming or in Limbo?

I awoke somewhat surprised to find an article on eSports on the biggest Dutch news-network. I was hoping for a constructive article, but it turned out to be just another article perhaps only used for future reference. It did put me on a hunt for some more information in the bureaucracy of eSports in general, and I found some disheartening news towards the current standing of eSports. I was pleasantly surprised this morning, as I saw an article on eSports on the NOS (the Dutch equivalent to the British BBC)....


A Collection of Wallpapers: Williams Martini Racing

The Williams is 2014’s hottest looking car. Not just the aerodynamic design, but also the livery is top-notch. The Martini Racing livery makes for some great nostalgia to the era of dangerous touring cars and Le Mans prototypes of the 70’s and 80’s. I made a few wallpapers based on this Williams Martini design, which you can find in this post. Here’s the first, the other two are after the jump!   (original)

THE Best Compilation. Ever. 0

THE Best Compilation. Ever.

Forget all those generic fail-compilations. This is the real work. It’s got everything: action, drama, comedy, thrills and chills. Watch it, I promise it’ll be more than worth the ten minutes it takes.  

Our final shot. 0

Our final shot.

Being a Dutchman isn’t something to be proud of, this last week. At least, when you’re talking football. The Danish beat us by surprise with a 0-1 victory, and the Germans walked on our barily living corpse with a 1-2 victory. Only by sheer luck does Holland still have a minute chance of going through to the next round: we would have to beat Portugal with at least a two-goal difference, and Germany would have to beat Denmark.

ROWING: Day 7 0


So yeah, these are today’s results. I went below the magic line of 2:10min/500m twice, and the second set was even below 2:09min/500m, at 2:08.6. I was afraid that after the first set, I would be too tired to pull it off for a second time. I was wrong, in a positive and satisfying manner. I’m actually pretty proud of this. It did help that people where watching me, that spurred me on to put in just that little extra effort. But as you might be able to imagine, my...

ROWING: Day 6 0


Another day, another post about rowing it seems. Well, yeah, but these results as seen above were actually from Tuesday. Not today. I did row today, but I decided to give it its own post. So there are going to be two posts about rowing today, of which this one is the first. And as you can see, I went below the magic line of 2:10 with an average per 500 meter of 2:09.8. I was actually pretty proud of that.