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Koornbrug 1900

Drawing: Koornbrug ca. 1900 (prints for sale)

Leiden is a magical place, filled with history reaching back well into medieval times. It played an essential role in the war against the Spanish. From May until October 1574, the city was besieged by the Spanish. By cutting the dikes, the geuzen were able to relieve the city and on the 3rd of October, the siege was broken. Nowadays, this feat is still celebrated among the locals, among which I count myself. In the run up to the festivities, I finished my drawing of the Koornbrug, one of the most iconic...

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A Silent Reminder of Yesterday’s Dealings 0

A Silent Reminder of Yesterday’s Dealings

Yesterday, a Sunday, saw the Leiden Marathon take place. There are multiple reasons why this interested me, running itself isn’t one of them. The first reason is that my sister took part in the half marathon, 21 kilometer. The second is, of course, that Leiden is my proud hometown. The third reason, and the reason I was able to take the picture pictured above, is that the start/finish-line was about 200 meter from the place I work. I think this picture is somewhat poetic. Somewhere, a (presumably) female runner is...

The Leiden High School-Shooting Hoax? 0

The Leiden High School-Shooting Hoax?

On saturday, some nutcase posted this on 4chan. Because I live in Leiden, this sparked my interest. Not only mine, but also that of the police. Every high school is closed today, as the local police is working together with the FBI, as they have experience with dealing with this kind of threat/d (see what I did there?). However, I think this is just some fool trying to look cool. And I have some proof to back it up, after the jump.

2013 Is Approaching… 0

2013 Is Approaching…

For the fifth consecutive time, I was in charge of buying the fireworks for my housemates and me.  This is the result of that. €79.30 in total. Not really extravagant, as this amount is split among 9 people. We have a lot of simple stuff, and one giant pack for us to celebrate the beginning of 2013. I’ll try to keep all ten fingers attached.

TSIDDC: Leiden Skyline 0

TSIDDC: Leiden Skyline

click on pic for full size This one has not technically been done during class, but when I was studying on my roof. The university library was closed for some ridiculous Christian holiday, so I had to use this last resort. Note how I wrote down for which sites this pic could be used after the ‘9gag’-deception, where some guy posted my drawing on 9gag and received a lot of praise for it – praise that should’ve been mine. I learned the hard way, but since I was up on...

More snow equals more pictures 2

More snow equals more pictures

It had been forecast, this buttload of snow. I was eagerly awaiting it, because I love snow. I love walking in it, I love walking on it. I love seeing it. I love feeling it. I love throwing it. So, when the first few flakes where falling, I grabbed my cellphone and went out for a walk. I don’t have any other means of photographing, so due to the really bad quality pictures my phone makes, I had to use the same app as last time to enhance the quality/ make...

Hey look! I’m a pro-photographer! 0

Hey look! I’m a pro-photographer!

For the last few days, it has finally been freezing. Last night, the first snow of the year fell from the sky. I had to take a haircut, so I walked through the city to take some pictures. Using this simple android app called picplz (which you can download here) I made them look professional, even though they were cheaply shot with my old HTC, which has a crappy (colorwise) 5.0MP camera. Here are the results: The temperature will stay below 0 degrees celsius, but it’ll stay mostly dry. This...