How to use share codes in Forza Horizon 5

Share codes allow you to quickly find content people have made in Forza Horizon 5. However, it was not really clear for me how to enter these codes. So, I looked it up and decided to share my newfound knowledge with you.

How to find your share code

If you made a piece of content, whether it’s a setup, livery, vinyl group, or community event, you can get a share code to make it easier to share it with the world. Perhaps on reddit, discord, or another social media outlet of choice. Here are the steps you need to take in order to find your share code:

  1. Pause the game
  2. Go to the “Creative Hub” tab
  3. Click on “My Creative Hub”
  4. Open either of the options
  5. Hover on the content you want to have the share code for
  6. Press on the right stick (as seen on the right, or press ‘P’ if using a keyboard)
  7. Make a note of the 9 digit number that is your share code

How to download content using share codes

If you’ve seen a piece of content with a share code you want to use, you can follow these easy steps;

  1. Head to the garage tab, either from your ‘Home’ or a ‘Festival location’
  2. Click on either ‘Upgrades & Tuning’ or ‘Designs & Paints’ depending on what you aim to download
  3. Click on ‘Find new designs/Find tuning setups’
  4. Hit the ‘back’-button or backspace to open the search menu
  5. Select the bottom option (‘Share Code’) and enter the code (without using spaces, as seen on the left)
  6. Hit search!

Two things to note: 1) you can’t search for a livery using the tuning setup search. But, 2) you don’t have to have the car selected you are searching for a livery or setup for.

If you want to find a vinyl group, you need to go to the Creative Hub tab in the pause menu and click on ‘Vinyl groups’ and search from there.

If you want to find community events, click on ‘Eventlab’ in the Creative Hub tab, select ‘Event blueprints’ and use the search function there, as described above.

That’s it!

If you want some of my Share Codes to practice with, head on over to my Forza Horizon 5 Hub where I will be posting my best content!