Make your own 2022 Formula 1 livery with this free template

Please note: a new 2023 update to this template can be found by clicking this link!

On 22 January 2017, I published a post. This post, titled “Make your own 2017 Formula 1 livery with this template“, allowed users to do as much as as the title described: let people use my pre-made template to create custom liveries.

I linked this to reddit’s /r/Formula1 subreddit, where it quickly took off. Not only did it receive a lot of short-term popularity, it remains (even now) one of my most visited posts. In the sidebar, where my top 10 viewed posts over a 48-hour period are showcased, it almost always sits comfortably in the top 5. With nearly 30K visitors since publishing, it is my third most visited page of all time. The only posts that outscore it are my front page and an article I wrote that accidentally went viral.

Last year, Donut Media (a Youtube channel with currently 5.1 million subscribers) even used the template to create a thumbnail for one of their videos – while giving credit!

Donut Media used my template to create a thumbnail for one of their videos

I’ve thought about creating updated versions of the template for years, ranging from simply adding the halo to starting from scratch. I even started working on updates multiple times, only for it to get lost in the backlog of posts I intend to create. Until now.

The 2022 Formula 1 Template

The proposed (and confirmed) 2022 rules change for Formula 1 means the cars will look much different to how they do currently. This means that from 2022 onward, the template will be especially dated. It was finally time to create a new version, which I am now ready to proudly present to the masses.


The new and improved livery!

The 2022 Formula 1 car will feature new front- and rear wings, revised sidepods and bargeboard areas, wheel covers and venturi tunnels. This template is a 2D approximation of the design vision created by the Formula 1 organizers. Ultimately, the actual cars might differ from this vision but I am confident that this template can offer a tool for hobbyists to envision their favourite colour combinations for 2022 Formula 1 cars.

Template features

Next to the new design, I added some more features users can profit from. First of all, the resolution. It might seem a bit weird (3508×2469), but these are the exact measurements of an A4-format with 300dpi. This means that you can easily print your liveries. However, this might put a strain on some computers with lower amounts of memory. You can either resize the original, or use the file “F1 2022 Template Smaller.psd” instead.

In the PSD file you download, there are multiple options you can choose from by clicking the ‘eye’. From top to bottom (in the folder structure), these are:

1. Tire Compounds

Soft, medium and hard Pirelli’s

The 2017 template had solid black tires. This one does not. No, it has the 18″ rims with Pirelli’s colored sidewalls denoting soft, medium and hard tire compounds. By selecting the compound you want (see how to do it here) you can choose whichever fits your design best.

2. Driver (helmet)

In this version of the template, you can add a (custom) driver helmet. The helmet itself consists of multiple parts, just like the template itself. The outline and color are separate, so you can recolor the helmet as you wish.

For the visor itself, I include three options: a basic grey visor, one with a blue-ish hue, and an orange visor. See the picture below for the different options!

Multiple visor options to choose from!

3. Background

I’ve created a new background for this 2022 version, but, I am aware that it might not be to everyone’s taste. That is why I offer multiple variants.

The base design for the ground consists of an asphalt ground layer (plus a blurred stroke of asphalt to create a depth of field illusion) and a shadow. You can make the asphalt layer invisible by clicking the group layer, revealing a basic grey ground layer like the 2017 template has.

The wall behind is a basic gradient, but with a white highlight on top which is intended to resemble a studio light. I added a vignette to give the picture more depth, and my basic watermark. All of this can be turned off or changed if you wish to do so.

Template examples

To showcase some of the possibilities, I made a couple of liveries myself (all of which are available within the template). Now these were kind of a rush-job just to showcase what is possible, I’m certain you guys can make much better looking liveries!

You can find the logo’s I used to put on the car in the folder titled ‘Sponsors’ located in the drive folder. Use them to your advantage!

Print version

Don’t want to use computer drawing software to create your livery? No problem! Included in the drive folder is a version you can use to draw it in by hand! This is a great way to give your kid(s) something to do on a rainy afternoon. For a preview of the print version, see the picture below.

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks for reading this explanation and I hope you enjoy the new template I made. If you like this, please consider following me on twitter (@FelixDicit) as it helps me increase my reach. Also, feel free to share this post yourself to people you think might enjoy making their own fantasy liveries!

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23 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyway can i edit with corel draw?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      I think so, but I have no experience with the software so I can not confirm it 100%. The important thing is that it supports layers, and as far as I can tell it does that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is GIMP also affordable for this kind of template? Since I’ve used the same software for the previous 2018 one and it works fine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey can i use it in microsoft paint?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      No, unfortunately Paint can’t deal with with .PSD files. While you could make a .png to edit the template, Paint offers insufficient options to deal with the nature of the template.

  4. flairx says:

    Hey, short question. Is it possible to upload my custom liveries created with it to instagram with giving credit?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Saved the image so i could draw in a app thx for the template as i couldnt find many

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can use paint 3D and it’s works pretty well, you’ll have to convert from psd to png though

  7. Anonymous says:

    where do I all have to go to edit the template

    • FelixR1991 says:

      You can download it by hovering over the file and pressing the downwards pointing arrow, then you can open it in an image editing software of your choice such as Photoshop or Gimp.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do I actually paint over the car. Any good tutorials. using gimp btw

  9. Anonymous says:

    does this work in canva?

  10. Marty says:

    This would be perfect for Gran Turismo Liveries also. One for each car. I should work on something like that!

  11. Anonymous says:

    how would i paint the car?

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