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How to change car liveries (in ACC)

With the public beta release late Tuesday (25th of June) Kunos allowed us to set custom liveries on servers. At the moment, however, there is no way to do this in-game. Instead, users need to adjust .json files without having direct feedback on what the changes mean in terms of looks. For some, changing the car liveries might prove too difficult. For those people, I’m writing down my experiences thereby...

Design: “Here comes the BOOM”

Rocket League is another mighty game I enjoy. The purpose is to score an oversized ball with rocket propelled cars into the opponents goal. It’s as difficult and ridiculous as it is fun. One of the things you can do is demo(lish) your opponents car, resulting in a neat looking explosion which tanks your framerate if you have a shitty computer like I had. Now before you scroll down, please...

Design: minimalist free Rocket League Octane wallpapers

As I’m cleaning out my design backlog, I stumbled upon these Rocket League wallpapers which were quite well-received on reddit’s /r/rocketleague, so I will repost them here if you stumble upon them so you can download them for free. There’s a few variants; for phones (both 16:9 and 18:9), for dual screen setups, for widescreens, and with different backgrounds. I will list them all below for you to download! Enjoy...


How Pokemon Go Brings Strangers Together, A Personal Story.

Pokemon Go is all the rage right now. Having not even been released officially in the Netherlands yet, everywhere you ‘Go’ you can see people enjoying the game, at the very least in my city of Leiden. Why is that? What is it? A quick introduction on why Pokemon Go is so awesome.

Holiday (Steam-)Game Giveaway 2013! 0

Holiday (Steam-)Game Giveaway 2013!

Lets Play: Super Hexagon 0

Lets Play: Super Hexagon

This game is hard as fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu