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Design: minimalist free Rocket League Octane wallpapers

As I’m cleaning out my design backlog, I stumbled upon these Rocket League wallpapers which were quite well-received on reddit’s /r/rocketleague, so I will repost them here if you stumble upon them so you can download them for free. There’s a few variants; for phones (both 16:9 and 18:9), for dual screen setups, for widescreens, and with different backgrounds. I will list them all below for you to download! Enjoy these 100% free Rocket League wallpapers!   Regular: 1920×1080 – for full HD screens...


How Pokemon Go Brings Strangers Together, A Personal Story.

Pokemon Go is all the rage right now. Having not even been released officially in the Netherlands yet, everywhere you ‘Go’ you can see people enjoying the game, at the very least in my city of Leiden. Why is that? What is it? A quick introduction on why Pokemon Go is so awesome.

Holiday (Steam-)Game Giveaway 2013! 0

Holiday (Steam-)Game Giveaway 2013!

Lets Play: Super Hexagon 0

Lets Play: Super Hexagon

This game is hard as fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Super Monday Night Combat, a fun and FREE game. 0

Super Monday Night Combat, a fun and FREE game.

So, it’s about this time when everybody has finished their exams and has got nothing to do. What do you do? Hang out with your friends? Go to the beach? Well, for me it’s crawling behind my PC to find some new games worthy of playing. One of these is ‘Super Monday Night Combat’, a game you can get for free. “Free?” I hear you asking? Yes. Not the pirating-way, but really free of all charge. Only thing you need...

Let’s Play ‘The Walking Dead’ Final Chapter 0

Let’s Play ‘The Walking Dead’ Final Chapter

Since I was so close to the conclusion anyway, I decided to do the final part as well today. So here it is, the 7th and final Chapter.     enjoy!

Playing with friends is cool. 0

Playing with friends is cool.