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What media get wrong about ‘The Fappening’ 1

What media get wrong about ‘The Fappening’

A few days ago, there it was. Candid nudeshots of lots of celebrities. It was quickly called ‘the fappening’, dubbed after a pun between ‘fapping’ (masturbating) and ‘the happening’ (a buzzword used by lots of self-important hipsters). Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, some Disney stars I don’t know; all had their private pictures leak from ‘iCloud’, Apple’s cloud-storing program. Mainstream media jumped on this opportunity to blast sites like 4chan and Reddit for spreading these images, often calling those who did ‘vile, creepy 14-year olds’.  Though that may...

What I Want My Future Phone To Look Like 2

What I Want My Future Phone To Look Like

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my disappointment in the development of current high-end phones. This did get me started on thinking about what I’d want my future phone to look like. HTC, take note. For this design, I drew inspiration from my own HTC One X, the newer HTC One, and the old handlebar phones of days past. This is the result after about an hour of photoshopping. I call it the HTC On.

Is Phone Hardware Hitting The Roof? 1

Is Phone Hardware Hitting The Roof?

  I have a HTC One X, by some abbreviated to ‘HOX’, I usually refer to it as the ‘One X’. I’ve had it since the 14th of April, 2012. It is a good phone. There’ve been some issues, namely phantom touch and weak GPS signals. The former has been taken care of by RMD-ing it to tech support, while the latter doesn’t really bother me too much as it gives quite amusing Sports Tracker results. Except for the GPS, which was a design flaw with some of the first...



Yes, it’s here. After an awkward unboxing video and a size comparison with my HD2, it is now time for the review. I’m now a bit more familiar with this extraordinairy piece of technology, enough that I can do a review for it. Here’s the videoreview, which is sort of a (very dreadful) summary, the full review is after the jump. Man, I gotta learn how to do these things. Good thing this one doesn’t induce motion sickness like the last one.    

I did it! I got the HTC One X! 2

I did it! I got the HTC One X!

  I finally got a new phone, and I did an unboxing video for it, because, you know, everybody does that on youtube. So I decided to hop on the bandwagon. A warning might be appropriate; you can hear my awful voice pronounce almost every English word wrong. Anyway, enjoy the video, laugh your ass off, I don’t care. I have a new phone, and it’s marvelous. I’ll stop writing now, so I can enjoy my phone some more. Sayonara.

My Desktop as of Right Now (PART DEUX) 0

My Desktop as of Right Now (PART DEUX)

Two days ago, I posted how my desktop from my computer looked like. It was calm and serene. My laptop however, didn’t had this treatment yet. But, because I had to go to my parents’ place once again, I packed my laptop with me. Out of boredom (why else?) I decided to install Rainmeter on my laptop too, but I decided to go with a much more quirky theme, a Windows 8 look-a-like theme called Omnimo. The screen looks fresh and new, something my four year old laptop hasn’t been...

My Desktop as of right now 0

My Desktop as of right now

I was a bit bored yesterday late at night, so I decided to fiddle with my desktop. I already had rainmeter installed, but I decided to add a few parts, make them look better and rearrange them. What you see here is the result. The links on the right of the desktop are fully clickable and lead me to the website directly. The little music player on the right doesn’t let me select any songs, but it does enable me to pause, play, or change the song from an album I’ve...



I’ve been looking at new phones for a while now, and the One X has topped my list ever since HTC revealed the first glimpses of it. It is now close to a release, and the reviews are starting to be published online. I’ve read, and seen, a review by ‘the Verge’, which has completely pulled me over the line. This awesome piece of technology will be my next phone, no contest. Here’s the video review, and you can read the full review HERE.     PS: I just have...

Android: Five free Apps I need 0

Android: Five free Apps I need

My cellphone is getting really old. The HTC HD2 I have came stock with Windows Mobile 6.5. It seemed a safe choice back then, Android was still up and coming and I didn’t know a lot about it. Windows Mobile 6.5 was getting old, but at least it didn’t have any bugs anymore, so I reasoned. I decided to get it, especially because Windows Phone 7 had been announced, and there were rumors about an update coming for the HTC. Boy, was I wrong. It broke down twice. Luckily, I...