ACC Custom Liveries Overview

I like to make custom liveries for Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). On this page, you can find a list with all my creations. Included are a preview (either a picture or a video), a direct download link or link to my post with the direct download link, and for some a link to the Racedepartment upload. If you enjoy my creation(s), feel free to review my resource on Racedepartment!

If you upload my liveries somewhere else, for instance on platforms such as LFM or Pitskill, please do so while giving credit to me and possibly by linking to

How to install custom liveries

In order to install these ACC custom liveries, simply download them from the download link and extract the files to your ‘Assetto Corsa Competizione’-folder located in your Documents folder located on your C: drive.

If you can see the car, but not the livery, the problem might be with the file in the “liveries” directory. If you can’t find the car, the problem lies with the file in the “cars” directory.

Custom Livery Requests

Do you want a custom livery or a customized livery? I’m open to doing commissions. Read more about requesting a commission on this page.

Custom Livery Collections

This page is just one big table with liveries. For a more comfortable browsing experience, please visit the more dedicated collection pages:

GT3 custom liveries

Audi R8 LMS GT3 EvoJordan 191DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 ABT e-tron FE07 (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Envision Virgin Racing (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Envision Racing (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo2ABT e-tron FE07 (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Maciej Sut (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
AMR V8 Vantage GT3Cognizant AMR F1SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Danke SebDoublePictureVideoPostLink
 West McLaren (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Garage Glass Art Car (commission)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
BMW M4 GT3Avalanche Andretti (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Williams BMW FW26 (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 STR esports GT (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost/
 ‘Go Beavs’ (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 UOP Shadow F1 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Roberts Racing (commission)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
 Mihail Simracing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
VR46 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Ferrari 296 GT3Orion (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Nezzo Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Nowell (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Red Bull Miami (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 eRacing56 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 SC Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 CADACC (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 VFT eSports (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Coca Cola No Sugar (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 Ferrari 641 (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 Alfa Romeo 184T (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 Minardi M189 (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 FelixDicit  Happy HolidaySinglePictureVideoPost 
 LSM Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost 
TAG Heuer Vodafone (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Quertreiber (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Ferrari 488 GT3 EvoScuderia Ferrari SF21 (by ZaidenGER)SinglePicture Drive 
 Scuderia Ferrari SF70H (by ZaidenGER)SinglePicture Drive 
 The Privateer’s PitboxPackPicture Post 
 Inca Kola (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost/
 ERAU esports (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Orion (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
Ford Mustang GT3Sparklefarts (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Honda NSX GT3 EvoMarlboro McLaren Honda (F1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Honda RA106 (F1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Garage 90 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2Lotus 99T Camel (F1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Roberts Racing (commission)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
eRacing56 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
 Nezzo Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideo Post  
Lexus RC F GT3Orange LionsSinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Dragon / Penske (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 WIAWIS Racing (Commission)SinglePictureVideoPost 
McLaren 720S GT3Silk Cut JaguarSinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Gulf McLaren F1 GTR (by ZaidenGER)SinglePicture Drive 
 UOP Shadow F1 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell P34 First National (retro Formula 1)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell P34 (retro Formula 1)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
McLaren 720S GT3 EvoUOP Shadow F1 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell P34 First National (retro Formula 1)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell P34 (retro Formula 1)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell 009 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Tyrrell 012 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 ERAU Esports Team (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 McLaren West (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 TAGHeuer Vodafone (Formula E)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Yardley McLaren M23 (retro Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Project Shadow Evo (conversion)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 Rivera PR Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideo Post  
 LSM Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideo Post  
 Mihail Simracing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
Joe Gibbs Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost, N/A
Waffle House (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Team Pelosi (commission)DoublePictureVideoPost, N/A
VR46 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Mercedes AMG GT3FelixDicitSinglePicture Drive 
Mercedes AMG GT3 EvoMercedes EQ FE Team (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Team RMG Red Bull #11 (DTM)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 TR3 Racing (GTWC Americas)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Squadron 324 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 2023 Vanwall (WEC)DoublePictureVideoPost 
 Wesett Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
Team Pelosi (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost, N/A
Nissan GT-R GT3 (2018)Nissan e.dams (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
Porsche 991 II GT3 RPorsche 963 LMDhSinglePictureVideoPostLink
 TAG Heuer Porsche 99X E (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 TAG Heuer Porsche 99X E 2022 (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Mission R conceptSinglePictureVideoPostLink
 West McLaren Porsche (Formula 1)SinglePictureVideoPost/
 MADHAUS Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 RNF Aprilia (commission)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
Porsche 992 GT3 RTAG Heuer Porsche 99X E 2022 (Formula E)DoublePictureVideoPostLink
 Jota-Hertz 963 LMDh (WEC)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Team Salzburg (WEC retro)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Reuter Motorsport (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 AdWiser Racing Team (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 Roberts Racing (commission)TriplePictureVideoPostLink
 KVDS Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost 
 1971 Martini Racing (WEC retro)SinglePictureVideo Post  
 Vanwall RacingSinglePictureVideo (no DL) 
Rennsport 911SinglePictureVideoPost
2024 Formula ESinglePictureVideoPost
Formula E Test-liverySinglePictureVideoPost
 Sporting ABÙ “Fassbender” (commission) SinglePicture VideoPost 

GT4 custom liveries

Chevrolet Camaro GT4GundamSinglePictureVideoPost
Ginetta G55 GT4The Privateer’s PitboxPackVideoPostLink
Mercedes AMG GT4Squadron 324 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Porsche 718 Cayman GT4Mission R conceptSinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Mihail Simracing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Porsche GT4 e-PerformanceSinglePictureVideoPostLink
WeRaceAsOne (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost

GT2 custom liveries

Maserati MC20 GT2Formula E (2024)SinglePictureVideoPost
 Driving ExperienceSinglePicture Video Post  
Mercedes AMG GT2Squadron 324 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost
Porsche 991II GT2 ClubSport RSManthey 25SinglePictureVideoPost
Porsche 935Audi Quattro (by Andreas)SinglePictureDownload

Open Class custom liveries

Ferrari 488 Challenge EvoOrion (Commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
Lamborghini Huracan ST EVO2Ducati CorseSinglePictureVideoPostLink
Porsche 992 GT3 CupMission RPackPictureVideoPostLink
 Team RK9 (commission)SinglePictureVideoPostLink
 Newton Racing (commission)SinglePictureVideoPost


 Team Salzburg (Endurance)SinglePictureVideoPost
 Gulf GPX Racing (conversion)SinglePictureVideoPost
 Martini GPX Racing (conversion)SinglePictureVideoPost

5 Responses

  1. Matthew Lee says:

    Any chance of possibly doing the Nissan GTR with the Pennzoil Livery?

  2. Antonio Ferreira says:

    hello i downloaded this skin because i like it a lot, i gave some money to the cafe because it’s a job that deserves it.
    Is it possible to add just one logo to this skin?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Hi Antonio! Sorry I’ve been away for a time. Thank you for the donation! Which livery would you like me to modify for you?

      • Antonio Ferreira says:

        Hello Felix, I would like to change this skinTAG Heuer Porsche 99X E 2022 (Formula E) to number #57 and add the eSeniors Gt3 logo wherever you like, maybe one on the front and one on the back, on the part of the door where it has the name The lottery for my name A Ferreira with the flag of Portugal.
        I would like to make more librarys with you in the future and make more donations, please send me your contact details.
        Thank you very much.
        Antonio Ferreira

Please, let me know what you think!