ACC Templates for creating custom liveries

In order to create custom liveries for Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), you need skin-templates. I’ve got you covered on this. You can download the templates for all cars (GT3, GT4, Porsche Cup and Super Trofeo) from my Google Drive. To do so, click the link below!

>> Link to Drive folder <<

How to use

If you’ve downloaded the contents from the link above, you might want to have a look at my in-depth tutorial to get yourself started.

In the folder itself, you’ll find a number of folders:

  1. GT3 (all GT3 cars);
  2. GT4 (all GT4 cars);
  3. CUP (Porsche 991 II GT3 Cup
  4. ST (Lamborghini Huracan ST)
  5. Paint values
  6. SRO country flags
    • “decals.json” (to put in your ‘liveries’-folder)
    • “sponsors.json” (to put in your ‘liveries’-folder)

Numbers 1 to 4 contain the templates pertaining to each car, this needs no further explanation.

In the folder named ‘5. Paint Values’ you’ll find the 6 basic paint values used in-game (glossy, matte, satin, satin metallic, metallic and chrome). Simply copy the file you need to your “liveries” folder and rename it to either “decals.json” or “sponsors.json”

Folder ‘6. SRO country flags’ contains a selection of SRO’s national flags for use in your designs. Official liveries use these on the hood of the car to denote the nationality of the team. You can use them to show driver nationalities on the door as well.

The file ‘7. REVERSE ENGINEERING EXAMPLE.AI’ is an example of my own work which you can use to experiment with.

Now get to creating!

If you need some further inspiration, here is a link to all the custom liveries I (and friends) made.

If you need help or further assistance with these ACC templates, make sure to read my in-depth tutorial on how to make skins. If that doesn’t answer your question, leave a comment or reach out to me on twitter, via @felixdicit.