ACC Custom Livery Commissions

Do you want to have a unique-to-you custom livery in Assetto Corsa Competizione? Do you like the ACC custom liveries I have made? And do you want me to make a custom livery just for you? Then I’ve got good news for you!

I will take your personal livery request as a commission and make you something that fits your personal preferences.

These are my prices, in short. Read more below;

Option 1: Full custom livery€60
Option 1b: Exclusive full custom livery€85
Option 2: Full custom livery port of an existing custom livery to a different car€30
Option 3: Customized livery A (recoloring of existing custom livery with custom sponsors, names and/or flags)€15
Option 4: Customized livery B (existing custom livery with custom sponsors, names and/or flags)€10
Additional customization (an extra version with different names/flags)€2
Prices updated as of 16/11/2023

Please note: I reserve the right to post this livery on my page and my social media for others to download it too. Unless you purchase exclusivity, option 1b.

Full custom livery commission

Do you want me to make a full custom livery? Do you have a favourite real-life livery, football team or brand you want me to translate to an ACC custom livery? I can do that too! Making a full custom livery may take up to 2 weeks and will cost €30.


Website livery
Retro-inspired livery

Exclusivity and sharing

I share all the liveries I make. This might feel odd if you’ve ordered a commission, and I’m just “giving it away”. On the one hand, I make it exactly how you want it to look like. Not someone else. It has your name on the door. Nobody can take that away from you. People who download the livery would be roleplaying you. And, as a bonus, people who download your livery will actually see your livery when you encounter them online.

For me, making commissions is also a way to increase my reach, by having content to share to attract new people. This is why I keep my prices relatively low. However, if you want me to make your livery exclusively for you (meaning I won’t share it) you can buy exclusivity for €25 extra, making a fully custom livery exclusive to you a total price of €75 (as of 21/07/2023)

Full custom livery port of an existing livery commission

Do you love one of my custom liveries, but is it not on the car you want it to be? I can port this custom livery for you to your car of choice. Unfortunately, due to the much different shapes of the cars, this means a total rework of the livery – I can’t just copy/paste the livery from one car to the other. However, it does have a reduced workload because I already have all the colour codes and sponsor logos at my disposal. Hence, I offer this at a reduced price of €20.


UOP Shadow BMW
UOP Shadow McLaren

Customized livery commission

Do you like one of the liveries I made previously but want a custom name or logo on the car? Or do you want a livery but with different colors? I can make it happen. With a customized livery, I take one of my previous designs and adjust it so that it fits you.

Prices start at €10 per request. For €10, I create a custom version for you with your own sponsors and your own number and nationality on the car (option B). For another €5, I will recolor the existing artwork to fit your taste (option A).

Making a customized livery will take me up to 1 week.

Base design
Customized design

Additional customization options

Do you want to have multiple versions of your livery to fit individual members of your team? I offer additional customization, for €2 per extra livery. Each member would get their name and flag reflected on the car.


How to request a livery commission

Send an email to detailing your request and I will get back to you ASAP. Please include any info I need to make the livery according to your wishes, such as:

  • which of the options (1 through 4) your commission fits to
  • preferred logos of brands you want me to theme the livery around
  • preferred colours for your custom livery, preferably at least one main and one secondary colour
  • the preferred general design aesthetic, i.e. if you prefer either angular or rounded shapes, if you’d like a minimalist or extravagant design, or if you like to include gradients and/or certain patterns
  • examples of liveries you like (and in case of a customized livery, which one you want customized)
  • Your name and nationality so I can incorporate them into the design

The estimated production time is 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your request and depending on my free time (as I do this as a hobby). If you have a particular deadline, please include it in your email.

While making the livery, I will regularly request feedback to see whether I am heading in the right direction to match your expectations. It helps if you respond in a timely manner, so I can continue making your livery as fast as time allows me. If you are on Discord, please include your discord username so I can add you for a more direct means of communicating.

When the livery is done, I will send you screenshots from all possible angles. When payment is received over Paypal, I will send you the finished design.