Make your own Formula 1 livery with this free template – 2023 update

February is to many racing enthusiasts a special month. It’s the month in which Formula 1 teams traditionally reveal their car for that year. Lately though, it has mostly become a way to just show the livery the team is intending to run. And since a livery is better than nothing, interest in these liveries is high.

How high? Well, high enough that you guys have been exploding my traffic these past few weeks looking for a way to make your own livery.

While I’m currently really big on making liveries for GT3 cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione, I posted an easy way to make your own F1 livery in 2017. And then another in 2022, for the new aero regulations. And now, I’m posting an updated version of that 2022 version!

The 2023 Formula 1 Livery Template

Back when I made the 2022 template, there weren’t any actual cars shown. Instead, I used the show car made by the Formula 1 organisation as a basis. While this was a close approximation of what the cars would look like, there were a couple of areas it got wrong. Well, these areas are now fixed in my 2023 version of the template!

The new 2023 F1 Livery template

Before I start detailing what has changed, feel free to download the template from my Google Drive using the big red button below!


In the folder you’ll find 3 .PSD files and 1 PDF file:

  • F1 2023 Template, a full-sized version on A4 format (3508×2480)
  • F1 2023 Template 1920×1080 for desktop format
  • F1 2023 Template 1920×1920 for Instagram posts
  • F1 2023 Template Print-friendly

For a full rundown of the possibilities and options with the .PSD files, please read the info I wrote for the 2022 template. You’ll find more info on all the hidden aspects, such as tire compounds and driver options.

The Print-friendly .PDF file (as seen on the right) you can use to print out the template, and have a go with it with pens, markers or pencils. Great fun for kids!

print-friendly version

2023 changes

There are a lot of little changes, but let’s start with a visual to compare the two:

So let’s dive into the details:

  • Front wing: the nose is now longer and the tip is lower, and the horizontal planes are now swept forward more. The end plate has a different shape, and the bottom of the endplate now has the gills that the actual cars have;
  • Bargeboard: now has an upward vane, like in reality;
  • Sidepods: have a shorter intake and are higher placed, like some cars had in 2022;
  • Halo: a more realistically shaped headrest, and the halo is less high
  • Airbox: a bit forward swept, and a different placement of the lower T-bar
  • Sharkfin: different shape, a bit bigger to utilize it better in making your own livery
  • Rear wing: the biggest rework of the lot, with a newly shaped DRS and a different shape to the end plates

See the side-by-side below for a better view of the changes:

2023 version
2022 version

Template examples

To showcase some of the possibilities, I made a couple of liveries myself (all of which are available within the template). Now, these were kind of a rush job just to showcase what is possible, I’m certain you guys can make much better-looking liveries!

original design
Aston Martin

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the new template I made. If you’ like this’ve made a livery, feel free to share it with me by tagging me on Instagram (@felixdicit) or on Reddit (/u/FelixR1991). Also, feel free to share this post yourself to people you think might enjoy making their own fantasy liveries!

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