The F1 Experience

If you found this/got sent this link; I am currently still working on it. Finishing will take me probably a month. If you have feedback or have spotted an error, please send me a PM on reddit (/u/FelixR1991). If you would like to wait for the end result and don’t wish to spoil yourself, turn back now and return in ~a month!

Welcome, to the

*not officially affiliated with Formula 1.

This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style story written by me, Felix. The choices you will make will have consequences later on. For the best experiences, multiple ‘playthroughs’ are required. A total of [##] choices will dictate the outcome. I have tried to make it light-hearted and sometimes even a bit satirical, in order to keep things humorous and to make every playthrough enjoyable. Some results might seem similar, and sometimes your choices will converge you to the same point, but most offer very minute, but essential differences. See if you can spot them!

Keep in mind that A; I am not a native English speaker nor writer, and B; I do not get paid for this, I just sat down one night (the 3rd of July, for anyone caring) and started writing. The quality of writing might not be consistent across the board. Therefore, it might be expanded upon later with more choices and/or illustrations if this proves to be popular.

I hope you enjoy reading this. It has been a pleasure writing it. At least, for the most part.