2A Friday10-14


You decide to test the package to see where the limits are, and try to set a fast lap time.

You start out with a fresh set of the normal soft rubber and do a few installation laps. After that, the training wheels are released as you come in to put on some super soft tires.

You feel the fresh [Renault] engine in the back performing great, so you take a gamble. Lap by lap, you are improving your time. Your engineer on the radio asks you to take a more steady approach, but you trust your car.

Just before the session ends, you go out one last time on a new set of super soft tires. You turn up the engine mode, set the brakes to maximum performance, and record your best time of the session.

Sadly, it is not enough to put you on top, but your third place is well above Daniels’ sixth spot in the session, so you feel at least a bit vindicated with this performance.

After the session has ended, you head back in to the pits. Time for lunch! You wonder whether the caterer has prepared anything other than the usual low-carb drivel, but you quickly find out that it is not the case, again. Begrudgingly, you scoop the salad onto your plate, and take a seat on one of the benches.

“Great job mate,” you hear a familiar voice say behind you.

You turn around. It’s Daniels.  Despite his obvious defeat in the first practice session, he still has his annoying ear-to-ear smile.

“Thanks,” you say, “you weren’t bad either.” Deep down you know you don’t mean it. You know you were faster by a mile, and Ricciardo couldn’t even touch your time even if he tried.

Silently, you finish your salad and prepare to head back into the garage.

Your engineer approaches and asks you what program you want to do for this second session.