3E Friday14-22


Five minutes into the session, you take place behind the wheel for the second time today. As you roll out of the garage, you notice others leaving their pitbox as well. Among them is your teammate, Daniels. While on your outlap, you decide to have some fun with him.

You slow down on the straight, letting him pass. You quickly warm your tires by wildly steering left to right, careful to stay on Daniels’ tail. When you approach start finish, you put the pedal to the proverbial metal. Approaching turn one, you dive on his inside.

To your surprise, Daniels either failed to see you or simply doesn’t want you to get past him. As he slams the door, you see no way to avoid colliding with your teammate. Your left front wheel hits his rear right, propelling you over the rear of Daniels’ car.

When the dust settles, you find yourself stranded on three wheels in the grass. Opposite of your car, there’s your teammate already stepping out of the car. “Are you allright?” you hear over the radio. “Yes,” you reply. “But the car is toast.”

As your car gets towed, you ponder leaning over the edge of the safety barrier. Was it your fault? Or was it Daniels’? Maybe you shouldn’t have made the move, but he should’ve seen you coming, right?

After ten or so minutes you head back to the garage on the back of a scooter. Once you arrive, you can already see the angry faces glaring at you. Not just from your team, but also the fans who had just seen you dive up the inside of teammate. You wave apologetically.

As the flag falls, you find yourself dead last on the leaderboard.

Before you head out to the press circle, Marko Helmuts approaches. He pressures you not to put more fuel on the fire. He says the social media’s are already calling for your head after the incident. You agree, and quickly fulfil your obligations after which you leave the track.

You have your dinner, and arrive back at the hotel. Before you go to sleep, you browse your social media. You find that the largest F1 forum is furious over your move on Daniels’. You smile at the flamewars that ensued between your fans and Daniels’.