4B Saturday08-11

It’s Saturday morning. Feeling rested, you wander down to the hotel dining room to fetch yourself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast with a glass of orange juice. Feverishly you glance at the bacon lying beside the eggs, but you decide against it. You will do anything to increase your lead over Daniels, which includes abstaining from bacon. You know he, being an Australian, can’t bring himself to do the same.

You finish your breakfast in silent concentration. You give your empty plate and glass to the waiter coming to collect it. He smiles at you and asks for an autograph. You grab your napkin as he hands you a pen and you quickly scribble your initials on the fabric. The waiter asks if he can also take a picture with you. You oblige and quickly pose for a picture.

Feeling good about yourself you feel ready for the final free practice session. Arriving at the door, the valet hands you the keys to your rental car. Somehow, he has already gotten your car from the garage. What a service, you think, as you start the fifteen minute drive to the circuit.

When you arrive at your garage you are met with smiling faces from the mechanics. They are ready to continue the strong showing you had yesterday. You jump into the car, ready for whatever comes your way.

As a final check-up, your engineer approaches you and asks what you want to do today.