4D Saturday08-11

It’s Saturday morning as your alarm rudely awakens you from your slumber. You couldn’t catch any sleep last night, thinking about opportunities to get back at Daniels for slamming the door on you the day before.

You take a long hot shower and wander down to the hotel dining room to fetch yourself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast with a glass of orange juice. Feeling rebellious, you decide to take two strips of bacon to go along with it.

You sit down opposite of Daniels. When you made sure he notices you, you put the bacon on top of your scrambled eggs. While staring him straight in the eyes, you shove the piece of toast right down your throat. You know he, being Australian, can’t withstand the sight of the delicious strips of pork. You also know he can’t have any, as he’s already bordering on his maximum weight.

“Fuck you,” Daniels sneers as he gets up and walks away.

Having finished your breakfast, you do the same. It is time to get to the track anyway.

You ask the valet to get your car. A minute later, you see your rental emerging from the garage. As you trade the keys for a decent tip, you start the fifteen minute drive to the circuit.

When you arrive at your garage you are met by the mechanics. You thank them for repairing the damage to the car.  They are just as eager as you to beat Daniels today. You jump into the car, ready for whatever comes your way.

As a final check-up, your engineer approaches you and asks what you want to do today.