4G Saturday08-11

It’s Saturday morning as your alarm rudely awakens you from your slumber. You couldn’t catch any sleep last night, thinking about opportunities to get the edge over Daniels after having such a troublesome FP2.

Still fuming over your broken engine, you take a long hot shower and wander down to the hotel dining room to fetch yourself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast with a glass of orange juice. Feverishly you glance at the bacon lying beside the eggs, but you decide against it. You will do anything to increase your lead over Daniels, which includes abstaining from bacon. You know he, being an Australian, can’t bring himself to do the same.

You finish your breakfast in silent concentration. You give your empty plate and glass to the waiter coming to collect it. He smiles at you and asks for an autograph. Still thinking about Daniels, you didn’t hear his request as you wander to the front door.

You ask the valet to get your car. A minute later, you see your rental emerging from the garage. As you trade the keys for a decent tip, you start the fifteen minute drive to the circuit.

When you arrive at your garage you are met by the mechanics. They are just as eager as you to beat Daniels today. You thank them for repairing the engine overnight. They appreciate your words of gratitude, as you notice a few reluctant yawns from the back of the garage.

Before you get to jump into the car, Marko Helmuts pulls you aside. “Zat was not smart”, he says. Confused, you ask him what the hell he’s talking about.

“Ze social media. Zey know it was you who wrote zat.” He responds.

You acknowledge that it might not have been the smartest thing to write about Renaud’s engines, but that you couldn’t sleep otherwise. You just simply had to blow some fumes online, as you had no-one else to talk to at the moment. Helmuts nods understandingly, and with one more warning he lets you get in the car.

As a final check-up, your engineer approaches you and asks what you want to do today.