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2013 Is Approaching… 0

2013 Is Approaching…

For the fifth consecutive time, I was in charge of buying the fireworks for my housemates and me.  This is the result of that. €79.30 in total. Not really extravagant, as this amount is split among 9 people. We have a lot of simple stuff, and one giant pack for us to celebrate the beginning of 2013. I’ll try to keep all ten fingers attached.

The Remnants of a Good Night 1

The Remnants of a Good Night

Yes, this is a TV. No, it doesn’t work anymore. Yesterday was Queensday in Holland, which meant a lot of drunkenness. I didn’t partake in this orgy of alcohol; I had been at home with a cold. My housemates however, did, and left quite a few hints as to their state of soberness behind. I shall give a few examples after the jump.