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RK9 Porsche 992 Cup || ACC Custom Livery Commission

This one was fun to do! I got contacted by someone from the USA to make a livery for the new Porsche 992 Cup. A car and class I haven’t made many liveries for, yet. And I hope this is the start of that. The request was to make a livery in a similar vain to a livery they already had made, for their RK9 (read: Arcanine, the pokemon) team. In their email, they sent me a mockup of their team design language, as seen below. Furthermore, they sent me...

Our final shot. 0

Our final shot.

Being a Dutchman isn’t something to be proud of, this last week. At least, when you’re talking football. The Danish beat us by surprise with a 0-1 victory, and the Germans walked on our barily living corpse with a 1-2 victory. Only by sheer luck does Holland still have a minute chance of going through to the next round: we would have to beat Portugal with at least a two-goal difference, and Germany would have to beat Denmark.